Monday, 6 February 2012

Smart Exercise Ideas and Tips

Exercise is one of the important factors that keep you fit and healthy. You need to adapt a lifestyle that is suitable and convenient to you to make exercise an important component of your daily life. There are various ways and methods that you can adopt to make your exercise regime more interesting.
Aerobics is primarily a low intensity exercise regime. Literally the word aerobic means "with oxygen". In this form of exercise, oxygen burns the fat and glucose in your body. The interesting aspect of aerobics is that it is usually practiced with music and in a group. The exercise regimes are designed like dance exercises. You will be motivated if you workout in a group.
Other workouts, like cycling, walking and running are also part of aerobic exercises. Listed below are some ideas for aerobics.
Walking - Walking is one of the easiest and safest exercise regimes that can be done by the young and the old alike. A brisk walk for half an hour every day will yield very good results. Among the innumerable benefits, walking lowers your blood pressure, reduces the risk for heart attack, cancer and other ailments. You can reap the benefits of good health by walking a mile or two every day, without spending a penny.
Cycling - Cycling is another easy exercise that can be practiced either outdoors or indoors. You can adapt outdoor cycling into your daily routine by cycling from home to work or for other errands. In this way, without wasting much of a time you can remain fit and healthy. Indoor cycling is also another best option to keep you slim and trim. Half an hour of cycling every day will help lower your blood pressure and tone your muscles.
Running - Running is one of the best and easiest methods to lose weight quickly. When compared to walking, more calories are burnt while running. You need a good pair of shoes to run efficiently. You need to slowly increase the pace, without putting too much pressure on your body.
Boot Camp workout - In this form of workout, the capacity of your body is taken to its limit, by performing several calisthenics like crunches, pushups, jumping jacks and other exercises without taking any break. You burn calories very rapidly and achieve the desired results.
Yoga is the one of the most ancient forms of exercise that aims at achieving both physical and mental health. There are several forms of yoga and Hath yoga is the most popular forms of yoga that is practiced. Hath yoga comprises of asanas or postures that aim to tone your body muscles, internal organs in a subtle way. You can achieve good results by practicing yoga for half an hour every day. There is no risk of injury and you can see all round improvement in yourself within few months.
Whatever form of exercise you follow there are certain basic facts you need to remember.
• Consistency is the key to yield good results.
• Discipline and commitment are essential to achieve the desired results.
• Choose a form of exercise that is suitable to your body and life style.
• A well balanced diet plays an important role along with exercise that keeps you fit and healthy.
• To break the monotony, you can try different forms of exercise every week. In this way you can stick to the exercise regime for a longer duration.

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