Thursday, 16 February 2012

Effective Weight Loss and Nutrition

Health Expert's Opinion About Weight Loss
Some people are of the wrong belief that diet plans for effective weight loss includes fasting. Health experts are of the opinion that fasting is a bad way of dieting and also dangerous. Good quantity of nutrients is required by the body regularly to sustain energy, health and growth. If the body is not supplied with proper supply of nutrients, then the muscles would use get weakened and start using the tissue as the source of energy.
Many people tend to go for the liquid protein plan. The health experts explain that it is ineffective as it includes huge amounts of protein with low amount of carbohydrate liquids. Such eating plans could cause serious side-effects. It can also cause major health related problems in the future and also death. it is better advised for you to take proper medical advice before implementing such plans, however, you would require constant supervision.
Some of them also select pills to lose the weight. Such pills for losing weight makes tall claims of burning, blocking or flushing the fat and might work for some extent, however, most of them do not work properly. Some of the pills are utilized to control the appetite. While some of them have side-effects. Some also might cause anxiety, while others fatigue, or become addictive.
Poor dieting, lack of nutrients also develops eating disorders.
To avoid the eating disorders like Bulimia or Anorexia, it is very important for you to consult a fitness expert to diagnose a good and nutritious diet plan that would work for you. You should also avoid some diet plans that include eating only a single food group, fasting or diets that would claim that you could simply eat as much as possible and still be able to lose weight. Health experts recommend everybody who are interesting in effective weight loss to avoid the kind of diet plans which supply lesser than 1400 calories. To set a good diet plan, you need to learn on making changes to your lifestyle in order to get permanent and effective weight loss.
There are various types of healthy 'diet plans' that effective lose weight and do not harm your body. One such type includes training and sports nutrition which are specially designed for the athletes. The other type of diet plan is for those non-athletic groups and consists of vegetarian and nutrition dense diets.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Smart Exercise Ideas and Tips

Exercise is one of the important factors that keep you fit and healthy. You need to adapt a lifestyle that is suitable and convenient to you to make exercise an important component of your daily life. There are various ways and methods that you can adopt to make your exercise regime more interesting.
Aerobics is primarily a low intensity exercise regime. Literally the word aerobic means "with oxygen". In this form of exercise, oxygen burns the fat and glucose in your body. The interesting aspect of aerobics is that it is usually practiced with music and in a group. The exercise regimes are designed like dance exercises. You will be motivated if you workout in a group.
Other workouts, like cycling, walking and running are also part of aerobic exercises. Listed below are some ideas for aerobics.
Walking - Walking is one of the easiest and safest exercise regimes that can be done by the young and the old alike. A brisk walk for half an hour every day will yield very good results. Among the innumerable benefits, walking lowers your blood pressure, reduces the risk for heart attack, cancer and other ailments. You can reap the benefits of good health by walking a mile or two every day, without spending a penny.
Cycling - Cycling is another easy exercise that can be practiced either outdoors or indoors. You can adapt outdoor cycling into your daily routine by cycling from home to work or for other errands. In this way, without wasting much of a time you can remain fit and healthy. Indoor cycling is also another best option to keep you slim and trim. Half an hour of cycling every day will help lower your blood pressure and tone your muscles.
Running - Running is one of the best and easiest methods to lose weight quickly. When compared to walking, more calories are burnt while running. You need a good pair of shoes to run efficiently. You need to slowly increase the pace, without putting too much pressure on your body.
Boot Camp workout - In this form of workout, the capacity of your body is taken to its limit, by performing several calisthenics like crunches, pushups, jumping jacks and other exercises without taking any break. You burn calories very rapidly and achieve the desired results.
Yoga is the one of the most ancient forms of exercise that aims at achieving both physical and mental health. There are several forms of yoga and Hath yoga is the most popular forms of yoga that is practiced. Hath yoga comprises of asanas or postures that aim to tone your body muscles, internal organs in a subtle way. You can achieve good results by practicing yoga for half an hour every day. There is no risk of injury and you can see all round improvement in yourself within few months.
Whatever form of exercise you follow there are certain basic facts you need to remember.
• Consistency is the key to yield good results.
• Discipline and commitment are essential to achieve the desired results.
• Choose a form of exercise that is suitable to your body and life style.
• A well balanced diet plays an important role along with exercise that keeps you fit and healthy.
• To break the monotony, you can try different forms of exercise every week. In this way you can stick to the exercise regime for a longer duration.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Healthy foods to boost metabolism

Metabolism is probably the most important factor when it comes to why some people are overweight and obese. 
Some people can eat as much as they want and still remain thin because of metabolism. On the other hand some people eat very little and gain weight. This is why the dilemma of how to speed up metabolism is important when trying to lose weight.
How to speed up metabolism? This is a common question among people who have slow metabolisms. There are several answers to this question. The first answer is to exercise regularly right after waking up. This will effectively increase metabolism throughout the day.
The second answer is to eat more. Eat more?! Yes, eat more. You should know which food you should be eating that will address the problem of how to speed up metabolism. Numerous researches have proven that some food significantly boost metabolism. All you have to do is get rid of the unhealthy stuff, eat these metabolism foods and you will reach your ideal weight quickly.
If you want to boost your metabolism, all you have to do is read on and include this list of foods in each of your meal.
Oatmeal is a great breakfast staple that can help solve the problem of how to speed up metabolism. Rolled oats are the best kind of this metabolism super food. This is good in keeping you full and regulating energy stores. It also contains a high level of fiber that needs a lot of calories to be broken down properly. Fiber also sort of "cleans" our digestive tract and makes the digestive process more efficient.
Grapefruit is probably the best metabolism food available. It regulates insulin levels which results to fast weight loss. Eating a serving of grapefruit with every meal (the grapefruit diet) is a great way to increase metabolism and decrease insulin levels. This great metabolism food also contains loads of vitamin c which has numerous benefits to the body.
Green Tea
Green tea is technically not food but this is known as one of the best ways to boost metabolism naturally. It contains properties that stimulate fat burning and puts the body into a high calorie burning mode. This is why green tea is now very popular among celebrities and athletes who prefer it to coffee and other teas. It also has anti-cancer properties that have been proven to prevent some kinds of cancer.
Water is also technically not a food but it is one of the best natural metabolic boosters available. Researchers have discovered that after drinking about 17 ounces of water, metabolic rates increased by as much as 30%. Water is also very important for different body functions like digestion. It also "washes away" toxins and impurities in the body so don't forget to drink a glass or two throughout the day.
Most people tell themselves that they'll begin dieting "next week" or "after some future holiday" (or some other excuse) -- and that let's them procrastinate even further. Stop procrastinating and start eating - the right Metabolism Foods