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      Hi everyone, my name is Yury. Thank You for visiting my blog . From a young age a had suffered many illnesses, until I discovered …

 I started this blog to share with others, what i discovered about health and well being. In case you’re wondering, I don’t have any formal qualifications that make me an “expert” on leading healthy lifestyle. I don’t have a degree in medicine, and i have never written  bestseller.
 From early in my childhood I was ill a lot. I had to regularly visit doctors to treat various illnesses. When I was eleven I had high blood pressure and chronic gastritis. When I was thirteen I had operation to remove a tumor on my chest, and operation on my knee. As a teenager , then i had  little nowlege. I was treated by doctors, which led only to the worst consequences. It lasted until I started working at a company dealing with food supplements, where I discovered the importance of followings a healthy lifestyle.
  Having the right mindset is essential for good health , well being,  weight loss,  and fitness. Reading books for self-motivation will earn a positive attitude to persevere in life. Of course, proper nutrition is very important and having the right mindset. Eating the right kind of food with appropriate supplements ensures a healthy body.
I focused on what I desired as it was already manifested, and took all focus from the “reality” that was affecting me.
What has changed in my life?
  • I can honestly say my life is better than it has been in the past:
  • My body weight is perfect
  •  My blood preasure is perfect
  • I have a lot of energy throughout the day and not get tired as before
  • I look at life positively
  • Never have to visit a doctor.
Well being and happyness though starts from within, you do not need to have anything on the outside to make you happy, you actually have to feel happy on the inside in order for happy things to happen to you.
This is my humble opinion, my sharing with the world. I hope it helps someone here.
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