Thursday, 27 December 2012

Belly Dancing for Weight Loss and Other Benefits

Since the Seventies, belly dancing has grown extremely popular around the world. Not only can the exercise be fun and stimulating, the dances are also ideal for your weight loss management. There is no question that belly dancing can help you lose weight fast, build lean muscle and become more flexible.
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Most individuals never considered that belly dancing can effectively help to quickly eliminate belly fat. However, 300 calories or more can be burned by doing the dances for 60 minutes. After all, you are exercising a number of muscle groups, both large and small. The movements make your body more coordinated; build arm and leg muscles, as well as burn fat. Of course, it is always possible to burn even more calories by speeding up your dance to make it more intense. Since most classes only meet once or twice a week, you should enrol in two or three different groups. Otherwise, find other techniques to add to your weight loss management, like running, swimming and biking, for the days you do not get to get to dance.
Every time you bellydance, your arms get a fabulous work out. After all, it is not so easy to keep your hands moving slowly and elegantly above your head, performing lifts, circles and rippling motions for a long period of time. Meanwhile, you are also working out your torso when you do the sensual dances. Not unlike ballet, tap or jazz dancing, your upper body makes wave-like movements. Meanwhile, your shoulders move back and forth, as you exercise your back muscles. As a direct result, you can improve your posture, as well as prevent back injuries.
Not only do the dances assist with weight loss management, the erotic hip movements allow you to work out your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. All the while, there is minimal impact, if any, on your knees and ankles. In other words, your body does not grow sore from belly dancing for an hour at a time. There is no one standard form of belly dancing music, but the sounds of the Middle East are most commonly used. Similarly, there is no special attire, despite the popular picture in most folks' minds of a belly-flaunting genie coming out of a magic lamp. A number of men and women do wear tight clothes, like leotards and hip belts, but others prefer loose fitting clothes with scarves. Basically, you should just wear whatever you are the most comfortable in when you belly dance for weight loss management.
The special dance routines make your bones stronger, and tone your body. It is also known to fight off osteoporosis. Even your mental state can benefit too from the relaxing dance moves. Injuries are minimal, and there are no guidelines for age, sex or dancing experience. You can start bellydancing to work out your body and assist with weight loss management in no time.
If you fed up with the same old aerobics class, day after day, week after week, and would like to try something new, fun and exciting to help with your weight loss management. Then bellydance is ideal for you as even doctors advise bellydance as an easy and fast way for weight loss.
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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Health Benefits of Bellydancing

Belly dancing has emerged as one of the hot new workout trends in recent years, according to the American Council on Exercise. Experts say a single belly dance session works hundreds of muscles, burns calories and reduces stress.Belly Dancing is more than just a workout; it enhances wellness as it combines the use of mind, body and spirit. It improves balance, concentration, posture and flexibility. Belly dance students have the ability to experience more graceful, coordinated movement, increased energy and quicker reflexes.
The art of belly dancing gives the student an opportunity to express themself creatively. Unlike other dance forms where the dancers must look and perform exactly alike, belly dance celebrates individuality and allows the dancer her own interpretation of the dance form. It also gives the student an opportunity to add some flare to their workout-wear. What other workout allows you the opportunity to dress up in beautifully ornate coin belts and shimmy your hips to an exotic rhythm?
Belly Dance classes give women an outlet for creative expression, self discovery and dance movement. Lessons are designed to stretch and exercise the physical body, challenge and uplift and mental body and to cultivate and express the spiritual body. When it comes to Middle Eastern Dance, it doesn't matter what size you are, what age you are, or your level of fitness. It is a form of dance that can be enjoyed by everyone.
Belly Dance is excellent for women who are looking for a more exotic method of exercise, who want to learn new ways to move and express themselves, and those looking for an exercise regimen that focuses on mind-body-spirit integration through dance.
Saeeda is a belly dance instructor and performer.  Saeeda lives in a world of dance imageryand all her free time she spends on self-improvement.In this she is actively supported, encouraged and mentored by famous dancers, great masters, choreographers and teachers, such as Fifi Abdou, Randa Kamel, Jillina, Aziza, Sadie, Ansuya, Leyla Jouvana, Shafeek and Tara Ibrahim, Khaled Makhmoud, Ozgen and Akaysha.