Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Motivation For Weight Loss

Weight loss diet slimming fitness - Oh my! With all of the fad weight loss diets, slimming tips and tricks, and fitness gadgets on the market it is no wonder we lose our weight loss motivation. Most of these ads are promising us effortless results - which we know deep in our hearts are simply not true.
Whether we choose to believe these ads or not, they do tend to make an impression on our mind. We have become an instant gratification society. So how do we stay motivated on our weight loss, diet, and fitness path? Here are some tips:
First off - start getting the mindset that you are on a lifetime journey. If you temporarily change your eating and exercise habits then you will temporarily lose weight and get in shape. If you permanently change your eating and fitness habits then you will permanently lose weight and stay in shape. Think long term - start today and don't expect quick weight loss and fitness results. Mindset is the most important aspect of staying motivated.
Second - Stop yourself anytime you catch yourself thinking that eating healthy has to taste bad and that exercising is not fun. The truth is that eating healthy can be very enjoyable and you will eventually retrain your tastes. I cannot stand the thought of eating some of the greasy, salty, fatty foods that I used to eat. You will change your tastes - start looking for healthy alternatives that taste good, buy healthy recipe books, and experiment with new foods. Likewise, exercise is great! It relieves stress, makes you feel good, builds momentum for your weight loss and fitness goals, and gets you in shape. Experiment around with exercise until you find something you enjoy - and then do it consistently. Once you start getting in better shape, then you can start looking for new ways to exercise.
Third - Set small manageable goals that fit into your lifetime journey. An example might be to go without sodas for 30 days. At the end of thirty days you may find you don't even desire them any more. If you still want soda - then decide to drink half the amount you did prior to the 30 day soda fast. The same goes with exercise. Decide to take the stairs for the next 30 days. After the 30 days are up, you may decide that is something you want to incorporate into your daily routine forever. Keep setting and achieving small manageable goals with the long term in mind - 5 years from now you will not be the same person as you are today. Small goals are easier to achieve and they build a foundation of success that will snowball into further success. The key is to not get in too big of a hurry for results - Think long term, permanent lifestyle change!
Weight loss and fitness [http://lessheavy.com] are worthy goals that take time and commitment. Prepare yourself mentally for the long haul and then celebrate the small manageable goals. You will stay more motivated and you will start seeing weight loss and fitness results in due time.

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